We tend to put most of our savings and salaries to pay for the electricity. This is the common dilemma of the household owners and the people who are budgeting their money and expenses every month. We used to pay more for the electric bills rather than paying for our house rentals or to our savings every cutoff.  


Others would find a solution by borrowing some money from the bank or loan some money to any financial agencies just to have enough money to build and install solar panels in Perth as they can save more in the long run. But if you don’t have the budget to set this one up. There are still many simple and easy yet best ways to improve in lowering your monthly electric consumption and bill.  

  1. You can talk to an expert on why is your monthly electric bill is going up. In this way, you would be able to understand all the things that may you not understand by your own. They can explain to you all the details and the lists of the things that you need to pay. You may ask them, the electric company if there is a time where the rate of the current is cheaper. In this way, you could use some of your appliances only during those times and avoid using them to the time that is already high when it comes to the rate.  
  2. It is always a good thing to invest more on the appliances that have the mark of energy efficient devices. In this way, they would not consume too much electricity. It would sound expensive to choose them but they can give you an assurance not to consume too much and have a lower electric bill.  
  3. Turn off all the appliances that you don’t use even unplugging them would be a nice thing to do. If you are not using the light in your room. Make this one as a habit to turn it off. It is very good if you would consider these small actions as it could lead to a bigger saving.  
  4. If you have a refrigerator in your house. Make sure to place this one to an area which is not very hot or let’s say cooler temperature location in your house. It would help to reduce the consumption of that freezer as the place is cool. You also need to check if there are some damages or wirings that may cause the rising of the consumption of it.  
  5. If you are using the modern stove that needs to be plugged into the socket. Then, you need to choose the right pan or casserole to be used for that. There are specific equipment and stuff to be used for that. If you love cooking then choose a different one like the gas type of stove.  
  6. Wash your clothes using your hands. Make it as your habit to wash your clothes every after 3 days so that you won’t need to worry washing a lot of things.